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Spirit Day is dedicated to bring awareness of the bullying of members of the LGBTQ community. Bullying is wrong and should not be tolerated. These folks want to live their lives in peace and freedom of fear. I salute this effort to make our communities safe for all. I love my friends who are LGBTQ and they make the world a better place by being who Good created them to be.

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By the Mighty Mumford


It’s ten at night I’m writing,

Have you thought about inviting…

Your favorite

Fairy or sprite,

To a gathering extraordinary?

Halloween is coming soon,

Perhaps with a bright moon….

Fairies dance

And sprites take  a chance,

Could you fill an entire room?

Mythical creatures commence,

To gather for humans hence…

Enrich lives

Imaginative eyes,

Believers in your evidence!

Bring a fiddle to play,

Or flute to which to sway…

Do not fear

Your friends here,

Will keep you from dismay!

–Jonathan Caswell

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By the Mighty Mumford


On the “free table”** a mix

I found (said I could use this)…

Left on the stove

My affectionate love,

Decided this soup to fix.

We added some  beef and potato,

Soup leftovers without tomato…

Some parsley “trees”—

She added these—

And filled my soup bowl on the table.

Leftovers divided by two,

Two suppers for me to chew…

Bread and butter

Soaked up broth water,

A savory soup it is, too!

–Jonathan Caswell

**A “free” table is where residents place things they want to give away….food items, books, extra kitchen utensils, etc.

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Ghosts: Haunted Locales

Book 'Em, Jan O

Did you know that a place itself (without a house or other building) can be haunted?

Many years ago, my spouse and I bought a wooded acre in Maine, and built a house there.  There was a bit of the property that always felt creepy to us and to others who visited.  No reason for it: it was near the road, not isolated, and the area was quite scenic.  Yet I (and others) would walk around that  part of the property rather than be there and get the feeling of being observed by something unfriendly.  This bit of the yard abutted one room of the house – and that room was never a comfortable place.  I can’t explain any of this except assure you that I and others experienced the same weird feeling there.

Here is another example, from my book, About Ghosts:  A Useful Handbook:

The following is…

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Someone left their hamstahs, (Shehanne)


Same picture, “take two!” 😎

Many titillating scandals are

fully intended to lead to love.

Should shenanigans transpire. . .

Let the romance begin!

“Hamstahs” at Shehanne Moore’s

blog are fabulous, truly fashionable.

Have you seen their hats?

👒 🎓 ⛑ 🎩

I admire them, lest I turn my back

accidentally! You need to stay on your

toes with ’em rascals. They may

decide as the famous singer so

aptly suggested to, “Get it on,” in

the glass box you purchased.

It was going to be a terrarium!

Succulent plants, not critter

babies were going to add

to my oxygen supply.

I think you’ll remember her

Lady Fury and Lady Malice

from your reading the books

I recommended this summer.

I’m hoping other strong,

demanding and exciting women

characters have inhabited your mind.

Shehanne’s books are already

part of your favorites. Of course,

the good feelings may extend

to men…

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