An Advice My Future Self Will Need More

a little away

To my future self,

Don’t be guilty of extending your sleep when you spend most of your days working. Don’t be guilty of dining out when you seldom do it. Don’t be guilty of eating a lot when you always eat just much. Don’t be guilty of buying a lot of stuff when you barely shop. Don’t be guilty of getting drunk when you’re sober most days. Don’t be guilty of spending money to travel, see new places and try new things. Don’t be guilty about the things you don’t do often. Life is short to not spoil yourself every now and then.


Photo credits to my friend Thessalonia — ♥

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Digital Marketing Is Like Fertilizer For Your Business

Frederic Sealey

With changes in today’s technology and company market becoming very aggressive, every company should advertise its goods or services to boost the yield on investments. Few companies are changing to internet modes or embracing digital advertising strategies to be able to catch the lucrative online market says Carl Frederic Sealey. You might receive a great deal of traffic on your own site however unless they convert to sales or leads, it wouldn’t be of much use. Digital marketing tools enable business owners that the best opportunities to live in the contest and revel in business development.

Target new client base: Marketing approaches that may place your name in the general public is a favorite ways to draw prospective clients. It’s crucial to distinguish yourself from other people and producing a brand lets you reach new clients easily. Paid advertising in Google can raise the visibility of the website and…

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