The Global March for Elephants, Rhinos and Lions in Kenya

Cheche Winnie

IMG_20171007_105907It was a meeting for the conservationists determined for their voice to be heard against injustices towards the animal species considered to be endangered. The key species highlighted were the lions, rhinos and elephants, which also happen to be among the big five of the Kenyan wildlife.

The walk was scheduled to start by 8:00 am and participants were expected to arrive between 7:00 am and 8:00 am. By that 7:00 am, almost all the participants had already arrived. Passion for conservation has ready improved and this is a good news to the future of the natural resources. Another great achievement is the growth of youth numbers in the conservation activities. Youth had come out in large numbers unlike last year.


Our cabinet secretary for the Environment and Natural resources, Madam Judi Wakhungu, officiated our walk some few minutes past 8: am. She has been savior to wildlife since she…

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We got married!!!

simple Ula

When I was a little girl with blond, curly hair I heard that if you find a four-leaf clover, you’ll have luck in your life. I’d known that we had them in our backyard so what I did is: I got dressed and I went outside to look for one. I searched through probably hundreds of clovers. I spent on it a good amount of time, (I have lots of patience and I’m pretty stubborn, so you know ☺). After a while I came back home very sorrowful, because I didn’t find any, not a single one. I also didn’t tell anyone about it, because I was too afraid that I really won’t have any luck in my life (and my dreams won’t come true), especially if I say it out loud that I didn’t find that four leaf clover.


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