The Vampire Legend

Windows into History

varneyCreepy History 33.  It’s October, and that means Creepy History month on Windows into History again!  The following quote is from a June 1830 edition of The Gentleman’s Magazine.  The article, titled Religion in Moldavia and Wallachia explores the vampire superstition in that part of the world, which inspired endless amounts of horror fiction.  Of interest in this quote is the description of the bodies turning to dust as the priest does his work, which is a likely origin of that popular aspect of the vampire legend in fiction, television and film.  But ultimately, according to this article, the whole thing came down to a means of extracting money from people.

One of the most absurd exhibitions, and which serves the priests best, is that of the Vampires. They assert, that a corpse which is not immediately tainted preserves a spark of life, and that the soul is…

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Don’t fudge resume too much

City Skipper Gal


Sure, who hasn’t lied a little “tad” of bit to a job application or on your resume. Yes, maybe you were just an intern and not the head of a department or actually a valet instead of a race card driver, but “who’ll know the difference?” RIGHT? What?

It’s one thing to say this or that. But, really lying…. I mean really lying… will ALWAYS haunt you. Some things employers really do check. Some things really are followed up on- like credentials, diplomas, and certifications. Especially when these credentials have to do with other people’s money and kids.. ALWAYS.

But, one Columbus man, James Barone, in his 49 years, has not learned that lesson yet and is paying the biggest price for his mistakes. When applying and getting a job with the Beavercreek Township accounting department as an assistant to the fiscal officer and finance director, he indicated on his…

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One-Liner Wednesday – Perfection

No Facilities

I guess this should be called “Perfection Again” because my file system alerted me to the fact that “Perfection” has been used. Oh, the irony of making a mistake while writing about perfection. In any case, this time, I think I know what I’m talking about.

Some people consider the perfect morning commute to be one that doesn’t involve horrendous traffic or speeds under 50 mph (80.5 kph). Me, I consider the perfect commute to be one that includes a few stops. A sunrise or red sky over the tobacco fields is always nice. This week, it was too dark for that, but I got an interesting shot of some construction cones.

Another stop, no surprise to regular readers, is Great River Park. I always like to see what’s flowing past Hartford.

Another stop is for food. Something to tide me over until lunch, or in the case yesterday, a…

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Ghosts: Some Ghosts of San Francisco (reblog from Live 105)

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, enjoy this collection of San Francisco ghosts, from Live 105:

You may not know San Francisco for its spooky places, but it is brimming with locates where ghost sightings, drafty stairwells, unexplained sounds, creaky doors, and creepy feelings have been reported many times.

via Spookiest Places In San Francisco — LIVE 105

For more ghosts, see:

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