How to get Wi-Fi password from command prompt


Wi-Fi becoming a fundamental utility now a day, We are addicted to seeing Wi-Fi sign in our laptop or device. Sometimes we forgot our Wi-Fi password then we have to make the change from Router or any devices. Now we get the password from our laptop with simple steps.

Follow these steps to get Wi-Fi Password-

  • Run CMD as Administrator, You can find CMD from search menu or right-click on the start-up (Windows8, 8.1 or 10) or press WIN+x key to open option


  • Now we have to know the profile first (WiFi Name). Use below command to get profile information-

netsh wlan show profile

This command will show the information like this-


  • Now select the Profile and type below command in CMD-

netsh wlan show profile wifi-name key=clear

The result would be like this:


In the security Setting section, you can get the WiFi password.

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