Thursday’s Doors ~ historical marker


Historical marker

for the Lilly family home,

27946 Center Ridge Road

Westlake, Ohio 44145.

It describes the details

which include so much.

* 1844

* Sandstone block house

* National Registry

(Department of the Interior)

* Local Westlake Historical Society

* State of Ohio Historical Society

Recognized as unusual and preserved

in fairly good condition.

This door is part of program

called Thursday Doors,

whose founder is

Norm Frampton.

Please enjoy door choices

displayed on blue frog links at:

Happy doors viewing and

Hope if you know of any local

buildings or houses made

of sandstone you may

share with us!

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Thursday Doors – Around The Big-E

No Facilities

In an effort to keep this post short, I thought I’d stick with the Big-E, since don’t have to explain much. If you’re unfamiliar with the Big-E, you can read what I wrote about it here, here and, most recently, here.

Henrietta the cow has been in the Vermont building ever since Faith was a little girl. We always stopped to see her, and the tuxedo cat in the loft. At that time, we had Oreo, our first tuxedo cat.

If you’re unfamiliar with Thursday Doors, it’s a weekly parade of doors led by Norm Frampton and his fraternity of photographers, artists and door aficionados. The floats move down the Internet’s Main Street, covering the entire globe. If you want to join the parade, or if you just want to snag some good seats, head on up to Norm’s staging ground. Check out his doors and look…

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Rod Stewart, Bryan Ferry, Dobie Gray : The In Crowd, Drift Away

The Immortal Jukebox

We all like to think we are in the know.

We know important things.

Things that those not in the know don’t even know they don’t know.

A few code words and we know from their reaction, or lack of it, if others are in the know or not.

We soon know if they know.

We know whether or not they merit entry into the In Crowd.

If it’s square, brother we ain’t there!

In music, especially, there are communities of In Crowds.

I know some of these communities very well.

The Bluegrass buffs who can list, alphabetically, chronologically or by instrument every member of every incarnation of Bill Monroe’s Blue Grass Boys.

The Jazzbos who can do the same for Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers.

The walkin’ talkin’, don’t interrupt me, Beatles completists who tell you solemnly that if you weren’t at their Port Sunlight show on 18 August 1962…

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Why are email systems slower and slower year after yer?

Dan Alatorre

your humble host

Each week we’re taking five, maybe ten, of YOUR writerly questions and setting about answering them for you. 


Skill level doesn’t matter. Newbie writer, veteran writer, you have questions. I’ll opine; maybe some others will chime in with their thoughts, and hopefully YOU will get several good solutions to choose from.

Or something like that.

  • Wanna know what dialogue tags are, and why you don’t want them in your story?

  • Wanna know how to create a “page turner” story?

  • Wanna know why you need to build an author platform?

And it doesn’t have to be directly writing related. Sometimes you need to get in the writing mood by NOT doing writer stuff. Maybe you wanna know about doing author events, but maybe you wanna know about public speaking, or… I don’t know; the London train system. (I had some trouble there, if you’ll…

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The Curious Incident of the Cat at Night

Great article. So true!

A Generous Helping

This diary starts on a rainy, autumn night in the bedroom of a typical southern home where only the cat is awake… Always watching.

12:34 am – The large one is stirring. He has been getting up every night. There is a potential that he is becoming nocturnal. After following him to observe his movements, I have observed that he goes to the human litter box. But every night? Why can’t he hold it – even the offspring do that? Does the adult male regress to infantile state?

12:48 am – After stirring, he finally rises. I’ve decided to investigate by following him into the small water closet.

12:55 am – It has been several minutes. He may or may not be asleep again in a seated position. I have taken up a surveillance position behind him.

12:58 am – Surprisingly, he got up very quickly and pushed the splash…

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