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I know he’s a dog and he isn’t a purebred anything. Nonetheless, he screams “crossbreed” to me. Finally, after I don’t know how many questions about “what is he,” I went hunting for information. Remarkably, I think I’ve got it … or at least I’m close.

He’s got an Asian dog-face. Big round eyes, smiley mouth, and a curled-over-the-back tail. All of these point to one of the Tibetan, Chinese, or other Asian breeds. He’s got the energy of a Border Collie, but he doesn’t have the size, face, coat, or shape … which doesn’t mean he might not be gangbusters with his own sheep.

Nonetheless, we are not getting our own flock. I suggested we might have a whole new reason for living, but Garry has put his foot down:. “NO SHEEP!” he said. Very sternly, I might add. I suggested at least a few miniature goats, but he…

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One thought on “WHAT IS DUKE?”

  1. One of these days when I feel richer than today, I’ll send in his DNA and find out what he REALLY is … maybe. Even my vet is curious. He doesn’t look like an American mutt. Wrong face, wrong tail, wrong coat.


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