Why you Should Vacation in Groups


As cultures around the world adopt more individualistic values, even travel has become a solo activity. For the seasoned traveler with a steady income or great buildup of savings, this might make perfect sense.

But for most college students, and others with a limited income, traveling in groups provides a wealth of benefits that they couldn’t take advantage of by traveling on their own.

So here are just a few of the many perks from traveling with your partner, your family, or some of your best friends.

Cheaper Accommodations

The most expensive part of your trips is hardly ever the plane ticket or the drive there. Unless you’re staying with family and friends, the cost of accommodation is likely what most of your money will go towards – if you travel alone.

By traveling in groups, you can split the cost of accommodation, which usually works out to much cheaper than paying…

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The Lemonade Chronicles

I have become an unabashed devotee of a relatively new iPhone app known as TimeHop. I don’t really get the T-Rex with swim goggles and heart-print boxer shorts brand logo. In fact, I experience mild annoyance with a touch of embarrassment when I daily interact with the app each morning, painfully aware of the TimeHop T-Rex’s resemblance to Barney. I avoided Barney like the plague when my sons fell in his target age demographic. Snobbishly opting for “Mozart for Babies” over the thick-tongued and goofy purple brontosaurus. Well the chicken (pterodactyl?) has come home to roost: My kids despise classical music, and I endure begrudging eye contact with a cartoon dinosaur and his useless swim goggles. In his damned underpants. Every day.

Because I genuinely enjoy perusing the digital images scraped by the app from among the various repositories where my memories lie. At least those memories within the past…

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