On Leonard Cohen’s Jukebox : Save the Last Dance for Me

The Immortal Jukebox

‘The Jukebox. I lived beside Jukeboxes all through the Fifties … You want to hear a guy’s story, and if the guy’s really seen a few things, the story is quite interesting’ (Leonard Cohen)

‘Oh I know that the music’s fine,
Like sparkling wine go and have your fun,
Laugh and sing, but while we’re apart,
Don’t give your heart to anyone.’

(Doc Pomus/Mort Shuman ‘Save the Last Dance for Me’)

Once in a very Blue Moon you turn on the radio and a song comes on that you know, know, from the first instant you hear it, is a song you will love for the rest of your life – however long that may be.

It’s a song you’ve never heard before yet at once you feel familiar with it.

Somehow, it seems you’ve been waiting for this song.

A song that you know, know, is true.

You know…

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Thursday Doors – September 7, 2017

No Facilities

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Little black door.

Not Norm, not Joey, it’s me, Dan. I’m filling in for Norm this week, but I wasn’t sure what Norm to be. I’ve cast him in a wide variety of roles, from railroad conductor, to gourmet chef, to Ring Master, to real estate developer. I think my favorite role is “Founder of the Feast” (of doors, not a reference to Scrooge). Norm brings us an opportunity each week to celebrate doors, tall, odd, old and beautiful, and we are lucky to have him. So, when…

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