War Zone

Poet Rummager

going-downIllustration by Ted Giffin

Should I walk away
as your fire burns me?
Not even touching you,
I smolder.
This *Aegis shield I wear
is my frigid icy
Keep your distance.
This battle
of right and wrong
clashes inside –
a war zone
with no chance
for a cease fire.
So, I’ll walk away.
I’ll turn my face.
Frosty, gelid bitch
is what you’ll say.
You’ll never know
beneath the cold,
I’m a raging inferno.

*Aegis shield, according to Greek mythology, belonged to goddess Athena and was made from the skin of a slain Gorgon.


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High Rise Heaven–Tailored Mane:

By the Mighty Mumford

Looking for a fun, conservative look for your Saturday ride? This ROOTD is my heaven in black and blue! Hat: American Equus sent over their Signature Logo Vintage Hat that retails for $19. This super cute and affordable cap is just the topper you need for all of your barn wear. Light, functional, and minimalistic, this hat […]

via ROOTD #1 High Rise Heaven — Tailored Mane

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Eternal Love

Live Your Dreams 24/7

Like a breath of fresh air I feel her
Moist and lively on my lips
I feel life run back into my veins
The moment I brush my hands on her

I hug her with all my might and love
But she doesn’t hug me back
She’s too tired to respond but…
Her silence says it all, loud and clear

She loved me then, she loves me now
Doesn’t say it but I can hear her ‘forever’
Our love is simple yet complicated for others
It’s an eternal story, a never ending tale

Why do they want to separate us?
Is her love for me invisible to them?
I hug her again to no response
They snatch her this time and bury her deep to rest…

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One-Liner Wednesday – Where?

No Facilities

Part of our birthday present to Faith was a weekend road-trip to Pittsburgh for a Pirates baseball game and some other ‘burgh stuff. For the ballgame, we parked on the west side of the Monongahela River and took the Gateway Clipper to PNC Park.

This was also the weekend of the Pittsburgh Regatta. When we bought our Clipper Shuttle tickets they told us that, in order to avoid the regatta boats, the shuttle would dock at Heinz Field instead of PNC Park (about ½ mile walk). When we turned around the Point and headed up the Allegheny, the boat kept going and docked at PNC Park.

As we disembarked, I asked the deckhand if they would be picking us up at PNC, or Heinz. His response was comforting:

“When the game is over, if we’re not here, check up there.”

We got lucky, traffic on the river let them bring…

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