I Guess My Technology Was Homesick

No Facilities

Another clue about this weekend’s activity

If I’ve been slow to press the ‘Like’ button on your blog or if you’re saying “hmmm, I didn’t see a comment from Dan, he usually leaves a comment…” – well, I’m here to tell you it’s not my fault. My editor would say that it is my fault, because I’m a technology worker, the kind of guy who automates stuff that worked fine manually, the guy who replaces perfectly fine analog devices with digital crap that is bound to fail.

Yep, that’s me. And yes, I’ve written programs, and developed systems that have worked well, saved money, made people redundant (I like the British way of saying laid-off) and, of course failed when most needed. But it still stinks when it happens to me. It’s not some “just desserts” either. I should be treated better by technology than people who hate…

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