Adding watercolors to baby name: Sawyer


To be honest, many of

the hundreds of baby names

I have created borrow some

aspects of a room decor.

The baby blanket and Fox

were ones I fell in love with,

as the mother, named Mary

had chosen them while

she and Zach were expecting

their first baby (boy).

Some have guessed a girl

could be named Sawyer,

as I also noted a band goes

by Sawyer Brown.

Hope you liked my

baby name picture.

👶 😇 👶

My friend, Jodi, is an excellent

storyteller and artist. You will

enjoy seeing her characters

with more than adorable

pictures painted in a

loose watercolor style!

Each is accompanied

by rhyming












My favorites will be different

from yours: I loved the gazelle,

fawn, cow and Klaus the Mouse.

Here’s the link to Jodi’s blog,

which shows her creative touch


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