Thursday’s Doors ~ the little door “tale”


I asked the three cousins

whose names begin with M

Micah, Makyah and Marley,

(Boy: age 8- Girl: age 6 – Girl: age 8 1/2)

“Who could live in this wee, tiny home?”

Right away, quick as a wink:

Micah thinks the person is, “an elf

who likes to play with Legos.”

Next, a thoughtful answer:

Makyah says, “It’s a girl bear who

isn’t very old, maybe six years old?”

(This happens to be her own age.)

We kept on walking in silence,

to the brand new playground at

back of St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

Marley is the oldest, going to be nine

years old in November, said as she

was swinging high as she could,

“I need time to think!”

She’s quite the dramatic queen

who will occasionally set the scene.

We sat down at the picnic table

while I passed cookies out.

Ready for a story?

As told…

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