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By the Mighty Mumford

I went shopping the other day for some nice warm vests or sweaters. I have been having some trouble finding one as I find the fashion at the moment very ‘baggy’ for women. With that I mean that it is very wide and does not show much of our bodies. I would find myself wondering […]

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3 Haiku Poems – Unshaded

Poet Rummager

Illustration by Poet Rummager

Emotions tethered.
All my life, I’ve walked the Earth.
My pace was measured.

What is this that beats
when for so long all was still?
My chilled heart now leaps.

Shadows have faded.
Light around you, surrounds me –
my soul unshaded.

Video by Poet Rummager

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Thursday’s Doors ~ the ‘burbs of Cleveland, Ohio


When I woke up at my brother,

Rich and Susan’s house,

ate my breakfast and

sipped hot coffee,

little did I expect

the baby fawns to be

out decorating the lawn,

across the street!

They live by North Olmsted park

where deer groups or families

congregate and roam freely.

This is part of a series of

photographs taken up

in the suburbs on

the “West side”

of a rock and roll

city called Cleveland!

Check out more doors ~

Here’s a host with the most,

Canada fellow blogger,

Norm Frampton:

Happy doors hunting from all over!

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