Liars, Outlaws, and Mandatory Fun

Author Sarah Angleton

We’re in our second week of a heat wave here in the St. Louis area, the kind that pushes the heat index well over 1oo degree Fahrenheit and keeps us all stuck inside and miserable. We’re fortunate to have air conditioning and lots of fun places to escape the heat, but one day last week, it wasn’t enough.

It was one of those rare days when neither of my children had plans with friends and both were bored and cranky. We needed to get out of the house, to someplace else cool, obviously, but the struggle of agreeing on a destination proved too much. Finally I’d had enough. I decreed that we would have a “Mom’s Choice Mandatory Fun Adventure Day,” marched them to the car, and refused to tell them where we were going.

barn sign For some reason once we hit I-44 it didn’t take the kids long…

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Thursday’s Doors ~ July in the ‘burbs

Glad to support THURSDAY DOORS


Other than running up the

driveway and hiding behind a bush,

I was content to stand in front of

this house, aiming cellphone

at the semi – hidden door.

While trying to be

nonchalant, not

create notice,

avoiding dog

or children

who may run to


alarming the

Neighborhood Watch!

Here’s one door which faces

the street while you enlarge the

longer distance photo, you may

imagine a door facing the

driveway, which also

presented address #.

I hope you enjoyed

last week’s cottage door,

while this exhibit is the

“whole package,” with curb appeal!

For friends who love flowers and

gardens, please enjoy the last

post, but as always, no need

to comment on both,

unless the spirit

moves you!
🌲 🌺 🌳

Here’s the coordinator

of our weekly doors,

Norm Frampton’s blog:

Happy Doors and Garden Hunting!

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