A traditional store’s closing: Sears, Roebuck and Co

Like I told Dan, you are supposed to going to AMAZON !


My friend, Dan Antion, had mentioned

Sears recently on his blog, saying his

local Sears store is closing. His drive

to “the mall Sears” is not favorite

idea of a shopping trip. He also

connects to his own 2014 post

which includes Sears again.

Here is Dan’s “manly” recent post:

Escape to Sears

🕶 🤔 🚲 💪 🚗 🙁 🕶

I agree, Sears stores closing

makes me saddened and sorry.

Nostalgia and memories flow,

~ established in 1886 ~

We are lucky to have a local

Sears Hardware Store,

(Delaware, Ohio)

where lawn mowers,

bathroom fixtures,

🛁 🚿 🚽

appliances and gardening

tools are readily available.

I like checking out holiday

* 🌷🐇 🐤 * 🎅 * 🤖 👻 🎃 * 🦃 *

and seasonal decorations there.

No yard to buy bird feeders or

bird baths, although I like to get

manly, leather work gloves

as well as shoes for…

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