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I am not perfect. Sometimes I’m judgemental, who isn’t? Being a human being comes with flaws and imperfections. We are all broken people in some form or fashion. People are just trying to make sense of it all and we do get things wrong but sometimes we call things like we see them. There are good people who are cranky and yes judgy.

God hear our prayers asking for wisdom to know better and to have abundant forgiveness.

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Two of the 5 R’s, Robin and Randy


Fun fact about my family,

We were once “the Five R’s.”

Do you remember

“The Five Little Peppers?”

A famous book series,

written in years,

1881 ~ 1916,

by author

Margaret Sidney.

Check out the films

made in years,

1939 ~ 1940.

It started out as

Robert and Rosalie.

Married in 1955,

adding a daughter named

after her father, Robert:

Robin Elizabeth Oldrieve.

(Hence, reocochran is

current email address).
Then, along came a baby

brother Randy.

A teacher and NASA engineer

thought a third baby was in order.

So, along came a third baby R:

Like reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic!

Robin ~ Randy ~ Ricky


Robin, Randall and Richard.

We had fun at the

“Soft Opening”

while Rich and wife Susan

flew across the ocean to

take college students

around the sights of


Randy and I

are looking into

the western skies,

squinting from setting sun.

🍻 🌄…

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