Helping the digestion of your furry friend

City Skipper Gal


Hello everyone. I’m Lexi and I had horrible digestion problems. My belly was always rumbling. When I went to the dog parks, other dogs would stay clear from me because whenever I got really excited, a small fart would escape. It might have been a little escape of wind but the results were horrendous. Yes, I was an outcast from that moment on. I felt sad and depressed.

Even when my mommy and daddy are cuddled up on the couch at night watching tv, all I hear is “OMG Lexi, really?” Then they tell me to get off the couch and go to bed. It was getting bad.

Then one day, my mom brought home some amazing stuff and she said it would help my belly. Right? I tried blades of grass, eating cat food, catnip, even some other stuff that I wish to not speak of- and nothing worked…

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“Boys of Summer” series: My grandson, slugger Micah


Looking through the green chain fence,

Trying to remember this “little boy,”

Where did the “baby” go?

“Snips and snails, and

Puppy dog tails.”


He’s at the beginning of the

Batting line up,

First year of baseball

Skipping t-ball and now part of

Coach’s pitch.

Sometimes it gets me extra


“Oh, how my Dad would have

Loved these moments!”


Nine innings fly by,

Usually not such a quick

Four, but they won

and game was over in the

“Blink of an eye!”

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The Morning After

Mistakes & Adventures

My pillows are uncomfortable,

The blankets heavy and overbearing,

The space I used to bask in now seems isolating,

Thoughts of yesterday linger in my mind,

Waking to a warm glow,

A gentle radiance of beauty,

Soft skin and softer lips,

A photographic still of happiness on your divine face,

I didn’t know if I should embrace you,

Or leave you in peace,

A treasured moment filled with joy,

But now all I see is a void,

An empty bed save for one tormented soul,

Hollowed out,

Marooned here,

I’m struck dumb how quickly things change,

Yesterday I was looking at an angel,

Today I feel like I’m in hell.

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