The Sleeping Beauty

Live Your Dreams 24/7

I lie in a deep slumber here

Waiting to wake up to my true love

There a man arrives, innocence at its best

He exits after robbing me of my jewels

I cry in my unconscious self, conscious of the betrayal

Hope has not left me and I wait again for the right one

He is here, I know he is the one with respect in his eyes

I am robbed again, but it were my clothes this time

More than my body, its my soul that hurts

But there’s still twinkle in my eyes behind the closed lids

He comes to kiss away my scars and heal my aching soul

But breaks the promise and exits after he has had his fill

I am left to die alone, slowly my body gives up and I float above

Now he finally comes, taking my remains to be hung and adorn…

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