Mellow Storm

Travelling by road from Nagpur to 300km interior in the jungle, heading towards one of the project sites of my husband, seeing the trees, plants, beautiful patches of greenery, …gave birth to the poem. The Banyan tree was looking like the king of jungle and this beautiful yellow flowering tree ‘Golden Shower’ was simply gorgeous.

Does every love story has a happy ending, or someone sacrifices, or they claim to have a perfect understanding, or the external pressure of family and peers seperate them, or it’s euphoria…the endless ‘or’ becomes cacophony…well, it’s like asking…does an insomniac often need a soporific??

Hey, let my Banyan tree and Golden Shower tree lead rest of the conversation…

बरगद और अमलताश

बरगद के उस विशाल पेड़ के छत्रछावं पर था जिसका अधिकार,
थे वो कुछ छोटे पेड़, जिसे बरगद कहता था अपना परिवार,
हवा के झोंके, रिमझिम बारिश, कभी सूखे की मार,
सब मिल…

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