One-Liner Wednesday – Thank You

Yes, a funeral is amazing. You meet (re-meet) many friends

No Facilities

Last week, after we returned from my mother’s funeral in Pittsburgh, PA, I decided that today’s One-Liner Wednesday was going to be a “thank you” one-liner. We had encountered so many caring and supportive people; family, friends, friends of my mom and total strangers, that it seemed appropriate. Some of those people will be featured in future posts, who knows when – but they all need to be thanked.

Of course, later last week, Linda announced the contest for the new One-Liner Wednesday badge. I had been waiting for that announcement since last September, when I snapped the pictures of those birds. I submitted, you liked, you voted and I won. So, once again, “Thank You!” seems to be a good thing to be saying.

Thank You So Much!

As for the one-liner, I’m going to go pick on one of those total strangers. After the funeral, Faith and I…

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