The ‘Tempting’ Road

Live Your Dreams 24/7

There are always two ways to go about your life, the easy way and the right way. The latter is a tough road, replete with challenges but it is ethically correct. Whereas the first road looks rewarding, is a child’s play but seamlessly conceals a trap. Before you know you are already tempted by the second one and drawn into a path that leads nowhere. You may befriend the ‘right’ people who will act as your ladder to success but in doing so you have given them the key to your downfall as well. One snap and you land with a crash, empty handed. It’s the rocky terrain that will help you stand on your own feet though in the process you will be rewarded with bruises and cuts. Your life is yours and only you will decide where you want to head to, a thorny upward hike or a…

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