We Are Our Choices💡

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Destinyisafeelingyouhavethatyouknowsomethingaboutyourselfnobodyelsedoes.Thepictureyouhaveinyourownmindofwhatyoureaboutwillcometrue.” ~BOB DYLAN

Avlog of my day-to-day life would be pretty much unwatchable.😞It consists of studying, band practice and making weird goofy faces while cramming obscene tons of information into my brain. In the last two years of my life, not much has changed superficially, but the growth I’ve experienced has been tremendous. I can’t help thinking about where I am and what it all means.

There have been moments when I’ve been on top of the world. There have been moments when I’ve asked myself why I even wanted this to begin with. And there have been countless “Sure, I’ll just keep swimming.” – moments.

As I continue my journey through Law…

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