I am looking for a feminist designer


hairy armpits I am looking for a designer feminist AF t-shirtFeminist sweats. Source: Etsy via pinkboxstudio

Hey guys and gals,

I am wanting to create some super cool t-shirts with someone!

I am needing to make money, yes, and also really wanting to have people become a walking advert for feminism and all these lovely things we are talking about here on the Hairy Armpits Blog.

I’m hoping for someone who ‘gets’ the style that I am looking for and is kinda cool. No office politics here, just friendship and respect. I will never talk to you like a computer and we can sort out pay afterwards – whether that be a flat rate per design, or a little bit of money in for you each time a t-shirt is purchased.

I need someone who:

  • is confident in designing logos and images/text for t-shirts
  • likes what they do
  • respects deadlines (or ignores them, but essentially gets the work done, because…

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Big Joe Turner : Moving The Earth – Shake Rattle and Roll !

The Immortal Jukebox

“Rock and roll would have never happened without him” – Doc Pomus

Auguries. Signs. Portents.

Beneath the stillness something is stirring.

Tectonic plates are shifting.

Magma is on the move.

In the sky above the birds describe strange patterns.

Something is stirring. Something is stirring.

The restless beasts of the field call out in distress.

The Moon turns blood red and the wick of The Sun threatens to gutter and die.

Still ponds spit and steam.

Something is stirring. Something is stirring.

Rivers run dry while the dreadful Sea rises higher and higher and higher.

The wolves and the tigers prowl quietly in the night.

Babes stir anxiously in their mother’s wombs.

Something is stirring. Something is stirring.

Rock ‘n’ Roll. Rock ‘n’ Roll. Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Enter Stage Left : Big Joe Turner – a man no bear would dare pursue.

Well Areet Banaza! Areet Banaza! Take me home…

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Mother Goose and her triplets


Mama goose,

watches over triplets,

enjoying sunny weather.

She feels warmth upon her feathers.

Ever vigilant and protective of her

little ones, she glanced my way

and considered my sitting in

the grass to be of no danger.

She proceeded to survey

and scan the rest of the

small pond’s perimeter.

Her husband has gone afar,

not swimming gracefully upon

nearby water nor in the grass.

Nowhere to be found. She’s

proud, head held high,

convincing herself,


going to be

‘alright.’ ”

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Port Canaveral Transportation Memorable Tourist Offer Orlando Florida Areas

Port Canaveral Transportation

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Port Canaveral Transportation Companies

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Tricia Sankey

Pan & Syrinx

It is said a god began the story, but that was an exaggeration. On the cool slopes of Arcadia, she once dwelled; a nymph, agile and sly, she fooled them all, they called her goddess.

It was rumored she said No, she slipped through his hands with an echo of a sigh, she changed, not conformed.

And Mercury might have said more, expounded further on Pan’s great loss, but it was not about him. For it was her eyes that grew dark and her choice to chase the night.

She turned to reeds which he bound with wax. He never could let go.

Inspired from Ovid’s Metamporphoses

Image Credit here

If you like this, read my other poem “Metamorphoses” here

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Camus’s Stranger: Hero or Sociopath


Probably the most important hurdle of reading Albert Camus’s The Stranger is to resist the temptation to see Meursault as hero or villain. We’re not “supposed” to identify with him or against him. He just demonstrates in every thought and action the absurdity of the world. The trial puts this in perspective. The prosecutor creates one narrative about Meursault’s murder of the Arab. The defense attorney creates an entirely different narrative about Meursault’s murder. Both create logical narratives, but both are completely wrong – there is no logical narrative that explains any of Meursault’s actions (not his homicidal outburst, nor his passive agreement to marry Marie even though love explicitly “meant nothing” to him [52], nor his passive agreement to help Raymond lure his girlfriend back for another beating after he’d already bloodied her once [38]). The oft-noted comment that he is absolutely honest is strikingly true at times, as…

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