Indians prefer shopping from USA for high fashion brands-Here is the reason

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Two years ago when I was returning from USA, my nieces and nephews gave me a list of things that I should buy for them. I realized that all the things listed were clothing and related fashion accessories’. Now these things you get it in India as well, why stuff my suitcases. I kept telling this to my kiddos and they kept explaining me that how it matters for them to have it from ‘The States’. 

The list included clothes and other stuffs like shoes, Perfumes, watches, lingerie etc. from DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Guess, Gap, Lee, Levi’swhich are globally known to XOXO, Wrangler, Aeropostale, Banana Republic, Kenneth Cole, Old Navy, Ralph Lauren to name the few. I was lost. Staying there for a decade now I rarely wore these products. Some brands mentioned in their list were expensive even here. I decided to…

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Houston Carnival 2017 Photo Diary

So much has happened in 2017 so far. Enough for me to feel like it can’t get anymore busy, or worse or even impactful. But life is full of surprises. Sometimes you need a break from those surprises. Instead of just worrying about what would happen next, I chose to just leave my worries at the door and step into the carnival a carefree kid.

Unfortunately there was no photo booth. So we made one.

Welcome to the fair.

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