Woof – I Got This One

No Facilities

This is Maddie talking, and this post is mine. The topic Linda put out there for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is not going to go the way he thought.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “yard.” Use it any way you’d like. You can even add letters to it to make a whole new word! Have fun!

Minor League Standings

He wanted to talk about baseball. As in the Hartford Yard Goats. Let me tell you, that’s a sad story. He would tell you how wonderful it is that they finally opened their new – $71 Million – stadium. I say it’s a waste. Total waste. $71 million spent and no dogs allowed on the grass. Well, unless you consider the Portland Sea Dogs, who seem to be doing pretty well. At least the Yard Goats are doing better than the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

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