Mountaintop Removal Mining

The Sidewalk

1024px-Euniceblast6 Roston, via Wikimedia Commons

On the campaign trail, candidate Trump told Americans that they needed “crystal clear and clean water,” but on February 16, he signed into law a bill killing the Stream Protection Rule, which was supposed to restrict coal companies from dumping mining debris in streams.

Earlier, on February 2, Congress had passed the joint resolution to stop the implementation of rule submitted by the Department of the Interior known as the Stream Protection Rule.  It was one of their earliest actions as the new congress and the rule was very new so it was low-hanging fruit, making it easier to kill.

Many Americans expressed a range of reactions from bewilderment to outrage at the news, particularly on social media.  As someone who does not live in coal country, I formed a simplistic mental picture of a dirty dump truck backing up a pristine stream and dumping black…

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