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Windows into History

punchPick of Punch 12. This area of the blog offers a selection of entertaining quotes from Punch magazine. The following is from 7th April 1866, and offers a stark illustration of class attitudes in the 19th Century, in particular the editor’s response. The original article contains some racist language, which I have removed from the quote below.

“Sir, Mr. Punch,

“Travellers all, of every station” (as Mr. Balfe sings), and I may add, at every station, as naturally turn to you in the hour of their distress,as they do in the hour of their joy. Hear a melancholy tale.

The scene is the North London Railway. On Monday last, I got in at Stepney… that I might go to Highbury. I suppose there is no harm in going to Highbury. Whenever, as the Scotch say, but I mean as soon as the train was in motion, a…

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