My own artwork


As some may remember,

I enjoy pen and ink style drawing.

I used to dip a pen with a nib into

a pot of permanent black India ink.

I have always doodled and once

had a journal I took annually to

Girl Scout camp. Two weeks

away meant plenty of foliage,

fauna and tentmates to draw.

My Dad worked his day job

at NASA, but loved art.

It was so nice to sit

down with him

and show the

natural elements

I had seen while

away ~ upon my

return home!


This fairly recent commission

was by a chiropractor, a good

friend of youngest daughter.

I have made over a hundred

picture names, mainly for

babies and children.

Dr. Dan was only my

second one created for

a professional office.

I have drawn historical

houses for stationery

sold to raise money for

girls’ math and science,

“AAUW Be Wise…

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2 thoughts on “My own artwork”

  1. Thank you very much for featuring my art on this lovely blog! Penney, you are so kind and generous. Hope those who see this may enjoy stopping by my blog. Children are so beautiful and special to me. Smiles, Robin

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