Thursday’s Doors ~ Gallant Farm Preserve, barn door


Brrr- r!

the icy grass doesn’t indicate

breezy and freezing temperature.

I remember my friend’s father when

she left the door to the refrigerator

saying, “Close that door!” Then,

he would go further by adding,

“You weren’t raised in a barn.”

Hope you will enjoy this

red barn door and go

ahead to check

more door

links at:

That’s where you’ll meet

Norm Frampton:

You’ll be glad you did!

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Where Are We Heading ? / Ever Lasting Existence.


Are we here on this earth to accumulate wealth ?

To obtain PHD. degrees ,titles and fancy prestige .

To buy luxurious mansions , airplanes and cars.

Are we here to seek power and ultimate fame ?

The real purpose for being here my friends,

Is to prepare ourselves to the eternal existence.

To walk in the path which lead us to true happiness.

Those who seek the will of God not their own ,

Will succeed , will triumph now and in the end.

Jalal MIchael

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Prelude to Smitty’s Combat

Pacific Paratrooper

Jungle training for the Second World War was held for the benefit of the soldier’s immediate situation, but its effectual results led into the establishment of the Special Forces. This is typified by the creation of the Recon Platoon of the 11th Airborne Division and the Alamo Scouts. Out of these units we witnessed the outstanding operations of today’s special troops. In New Guinea and further combat experience, what these men learned went on to be vital assets for the future generations of soldiers.

The advantage of being acclimated to a different climate and acquainted with the strange terrain served to aid them in their survival and the success of their missions.

New Guinea, just before Leyte

Although the 11th A/B was small in size and short of arms and staff, they accepted orders normally issued to full size divisions. At this time, many people believed that MacArthur was obsessed…

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Assholes and shits really go along. 

Exploring the epiphany

As usually sitting on my favourite chair, smoking

and thinking about money, sex, revolutions and all.

But this time I had a candy bar in my other hand.

After a certain time I realized the ciggerate was long gone and surprisingly I was thinking the same kind of shits like before with that candy bar.

I couldn’t dare touch another ciggerate that day,

But next day I bought two big fat packs of them.

And still I am writing this shit.

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