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Why do we judge people based on the way they look and the way they dress up and the way they conduct themselves? Why do we, even after begin so educated, blindly follow beauty standards set by the media and society? Why do we always succumb to the pressure of looking beautiful just to impress someone else? There are so many whys but the answers are very few.

Let me get straight to the point. It infuriates me when a person judges another person by the way he/she looks or dresses up or talks. So imagine a person constantly bad mouthing about one person’s looks and judging them by their skin/hair color, thin/fat body etc. It has been engraved in our head since childhood that one has to be fair in order to be considered as beautiful. One has to of certain weight to be considered attractive. Who sets these…

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Over and out!

What are Control Towers for?

Control Towers are all over the place and kept me busy now for several weeks and months. So coming to an end, I firstly hope that all my readers have enjoyed the blogs, the knowledge and the opinions I have shared with you. To me it has been a unique experience and also in regard to the educational purpose of this, it has been very valuable to also check out blogs of others. I could get a closed look on their opinions and on their interests considering the main subject of control towers.

However, getting back to the topic itself, I would like to summarize my impressions of this opportunity for logistic businesses. Being part of this major digitalization development I have the feeling that a control tower concept is able to translate the advantages of this development into a logistics applicable and easy to understand tool. Companies have mostly…

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