You want to be Healthy. You want to be Rich. You want to be married. But do you want to be saved from the Hellfire?..&.. Sağlıklı olmak istiyorsun. Zengin olmak istiyorsun. Evlenmek istiyorsun. Ama cehennem ateşinden kurtulmak istiyor musun ?



We’re all flawed. We all make mistakes daily. Yet His Mercy remains. So no matter how hard you stumble & fall, get up. Get back on track.

Kusurluyuz. Her gün hata yapıyoruz. Ama O’nun merhameti hâlâ devam ediyor. Bu yüzden her ne pahasına olursa olsun tökezlediğinde ve düştüğünde, kalk. Yoluna devam et.

Mufti Ismail Menk


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Amtrak to Chicago: Advocates hope train service can grow from limited options Cincinnati has now


CINCINNATI — It’s the last remaining portion of Union Terminal’s original use, but many today don’t even know it’s there.

Tucked behind the now under-construction Cincinnati Museum Center is the city’s access point to Amtrak, the country’s primary regional and long-distance passenger railroad service.

The station is a modestly sized version of the terminal in its heyday, which originally was designed to accommodate more than 200 trains and some 17,000 passengers each day. Today — secondary to housing the museum center — the station serves only a fraction of the railroads and passengers it once did, with just three arrivals and departures scheduled each week.

But there is a growing conversation in the region to change that.

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Love Potion

Quill & Parchment

I know you’re Rare
I am ready to take this Dare

I want you, you’re Exquisite
But I have my own Prerequisite

We are the most Intricate Pattern
Be my Sun, My Moon, My Saturn

You decided to be Unendurable
Then just know I too ain’t Curable

Agreed that your Magnificent
But you know me, The Maleficient

Why Impossible to Untangle
Come Fight me, Wrangle

Sharp eyes, Piercing Gaze
Intense Puzzle, Harrowing Maze

Excruciating Perfection
Torturous Seduction

I will drink this Love Potion
Break and Shatter all your Notion

Let it go down my Throat, Poison my Veins
Let it Infiltrate my Blood, Loosen the Reins

No good will come from Fearing
Come, I am ready for this Searing

We will both rise again from the Ashes
From it a new Dawn, a new Sun Flashes

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