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Port Canaveral Transportation

Welcome to our Orlando Port Canaveral Transportation administrations. On the off chance that you are energized of your voyaging, then there is no choice to look another site! We give solid and modified official, joined together and family visit courses of action. Orlando transportation service in the event of empowering your voyages, then there is no differentiating alternative to look another site! Our transportation vehicle benefit always pass on target reactions for families, minimal get-togethers, unfathomable social affair and general wayfarers. Our expert staff will be there to meet you instantly, and make sure you are agreeable. Our Port Canaveral Transportation Companies control corporate occasions, visit bunches, remarkable occasions, and traditions. Our transportation vehicle serving you one path for dollars 30-35 for each person and dollars 40-45 for each person for round trek. Our travel area and transports administrations to the Atlantic Transportation Group organization that conveys ease, quality administration. We…

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Standing in front of the door



Healing Music Song – Video


Written by Jacob Ibrag ‘I need to leave and talking about it further isn’t going to change a thing.’ Standing in front of the door, he opened up his arms and pleaded for reason. ‘Just help me understand, define what these last few months have been. I’ll be better, I swear!’ Getting on his knees, […]

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Graphic Novel Review: ‘Steve McQueen in Le Mans’

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"Steve McQueen in Le Mans" by Sandro Garbo and Garbo Studio “Steve McQueen in Le Mans” by Sandro Garbo and Garbo Studio

“Steve McQueen in Le Mans” is a new graphic novel by Swiss artist Sandro Garbo that brings to life in heroic fashion a movie steeped in heroic fashion. It’s more than that. This is what a graphic novel can do when it aims for the stars and pulls out all the stops. This is the first book in a series and it knocks your socks off!

The pit crew gathers. The pit crew gathers.

If you were a young and hip guy, like Steve McQueen, you not only closely followed race car driving, you were a race car driver. Certainly, the popularity of racing has never dimmed. But it was definitely riding a special crest of cool in McQueen’s day. In 1970, McQueen decided to honor his passion by starring in a film about a fictional 24-hour race at Le Mans. While the…

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Justice League Volume 7 – The Darkseid War part 1

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darkseidwar-volume1The Darkseid war part 1 is an outstanding novel the plot revolves around Wonder Woman’s perspective yet brings to the table a cataclysmic twist between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor. Though the conflict is between the two powerful yet evil godlike behemoths; the conflict origins was brought on by Grail a half new god/amazon and the daughter of Darkseid.

Grail and her mysterious mother Myrina Black whom is obsessed with a purpose of ending the corruption and war between the people that inhabits Earth. It is a stellar plot that grabs your attention and holds it until the end. I fear that not even earth’s mightiest characters can prevent this massacre from taking presence on our planet.

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