The Flowering Vine: That Time At Wendy’s… An Audio Episode

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abstract-1238246_1920This is a true story.

Allow me to present you with a knock-off mini “radio show” re-enactment of an event that took place at Wendy’s in Eufaula, Alabama—Summer of 1987.

The major players were:

  • Grandma, aka Mother
  • Me, aka Lady G
  • Poor random guy at the drive-thru window

The whole thing was poorly written, poorly voiced and produced on the fly by Lady G.


Mother and The Wendy’s Drive-thru Sign:  Run time: 1:48 (Not even two minutes)

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Put A Book On The Map #BookOnTheMap

Cleopatra Loves Books


Like many of you I started this blog in part to talk about the books I love and don’t get me wrong I’ve loved every minute of it, but there is little in the way of discussion because of the absolute need not to spoil the books for others. So while we talk in broad terms about the plot and characters etc. it can all get a bit coded.

Then I had an idea!

What we can discuss is the settings of books, in particular I’m thinking of crime fiction novels set in the UK.

So what led me here, well a couple of things. If you read my wrap up post from yesterday you will know that the big attraction for me with Kate Hamer’s latest book, The Doll Funeral, is that it is set in the Forest of Dean which is where I lived from the age of…

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After brief snatches of sleep, it takes a moment for me to recall where I am. Sluggish, I recognise my surroundings. The house we’d recently moved to. My wife, Michelle sleeping beside me. Our bedroom would have to be redecorated. Thinking about the past was good as far as it went. But I needed to instil a fearless frame of mind.

I’m ragged and serious today as I drive to the Clementine Churchill Hospital with Michelle for my scans. After checking in at the reception, I wait only a short time for the MRI scan. In the scanning room, I take my top off and lay on my back. The bench slides into the scanner and clunks to a halt. Despite the electronic buzzes, beeps, pulsating and thuds over the next hour, I manage to remain still and go into a trance-like state. When the drugs are injected through the…

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