Dangerous Design: Walking in Suburbia

The Sidewalk

Cities are hot stuff these days.  After a half a century of people fleeing the nation’s cities for a “better life” in the suburbs, they are coming back.  As city centers are becoming more and more desirable places to live, rising property values are making it impossible for the less fortunate to stay.

Those who are being priced out of the cities are migrating into suburban and exurban areas where living is more affordable.  Many of them do not have cars.

Suburban Poverty Surpasses Urban and Rural

Many suburbs and exurbs, particularly those which developed over the second half of the twentieth century, are laid out in a patchwork of developments cobbled together by rural highways or arterials, and they do not support safe walking.

It is an unfortunate reality today that the very places that were designed for heavy vehicle use have a growing population of those who cannot afford cars, according to…

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Iznik’s Chinon Collection

Iznik brings to you it’s Chinon; luxury chiffon collection, a mixture of 10 ‘bold & beautiful’ embroidered unstitched designs.

Chinon is an amalgamation of not just aesthetically spectacular clothes, but also of convenience, latest kinds & formal designs.

Embellished, embroidered and filled with sequence work these finest pieces of vibrant colors are all you need to make a statement this season.

These ready to stitch designs require the least preparations & once stitched they’ll surely make you stand out in these gorgeous outfits. The best part of unstitched collections are that you can play with them in anyway you want, you can either get them stitched in a modern way or a more traditional way.

We’re totally loving the bold colors and the cut work on the beautiful dupattas!

Here are our favorite designs from the collection;cn10cn09
You can shop these designs online here.

Be bold to step into the spotlight &…

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Whole Life Institute

Minal Dalal


I am a Whole Life Institute

Here with me
You will know who you are
You will know what you deserve
You will know how to become
And how to be

Here with me
You will know how to take care
And where are fallacies
And how to overcome
What your dreams say
And how will you go for it

Here with me
You will know what Life demands
And how it operates
What conditions and situations
Indicate to you
And how to take them in your stride

What is the intrinsic Web of relationship
And how to Touch
How to be Human
And how to enhance yourself
How to grow your reach
And how to go further

In the mirror you will see
Who you are and why
It will also show you
What you can be and how

The very roots

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