Chasing Shadows…….

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Maybe they were right after all
She’s chasing shadows like a tool
Living a fantasy cause she’s scared
Of the real world, she’s not prepared
To accept that everyone will lie
So in the end he’s just another guy

That had a new trick up his sleeve
The ego boost he needed to achieve
Was that of getting her to believe
He was so different then he would leave
Without a second thought of her
Or the aftermath that will occur

Another self centered young lad
Foolish she is to think they had
Anything at all except his lust
He said it was her not to trust
That was just an excuse though
She didn’t think he would sink so low

This bad feeling of not being sure
She can barely take it anymore
She is far too afraid to ask him
As it could resemble loosing a limb

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Destiny: Divinity’s Finale, Book 5, Chapter 5

James Harringtons Creative Work



“Captain, wake up!” A voice called.

Baltazar quickly opened his eyes to see Gilles standing over him with a worried look. He rubbed his eyes as he spoke, “What is it?”

“It’s Aralyn,” he replied, “we can hear her screaming from the cabin, but we can’t get to her! She’s barracaded herself in.”

Baltazar shot to his feet and jumped off the aft castle. The ball of his foot hurt as he landed on the deck, but he ignored it. Morgan was prying at the door with three other men, but was unable to get it opened. Lailah was staring at the door, completely focused on it.

Baltazar walked up behind them, “What’s going on here?”

“We don’t know,” Morgan replied, “We started hearing screaming, and the door won’t open. Aralyn has been barricaded in there!”

Lailah shook her head, “She’s using some kind of mental barrier… shes…

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