How to Dig Through My Influenster Resolution VoxBox

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

I think my favorite mail day is when an Influenster VoxBox shows up! Recently I received the Resolution 2017 VoxBox complimentary for reviewing purposes. It came with a ton of goodies to help hone in on those New Year’s Resolutions we’ve all been working so hard on! Right?! I mean, yes it’s March, but come on, I hope y’all haven’t given up already!

Anywho, I was very excited to test out these products, but being the girl that I am, I got mostly snacks and I could not have been happier! My entire day, everyday, is just a countdown to the next time I can eat food. So you know I am ALL about those snacks! Check out what I got and what I thought! (And yes, I’m a poet. And you didn’t know it.)

1. Popchips Cheddar and Sour Cream

These were actually delicious! A much lighter chip, but…

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Like The Moon Through My Window.

Ann Oblivion Blog

Like those partially
Wet leaves
After the first rain
Of the monsoon.

Like those peaceful
nap between
the last minute of the last exam
And the first match
after the exam in the evening.

Like those sensation of
fingers almost touched
While exchanging the

Like those contentment of
Taking sips of water
from the same glass.

Like those lectures
Getting cancelled
At the last minute.

Like the anticipation
Of first love in the high school
that could
Never be expressed.

Like that half Moon
Visible through my window
That soothes my life
But never touched.

Same is my love

Incomplete, yet so Fulfilling.
Complicated, yet so Simple.
Never Enough, yet so plenty of them.

Feelings will fade
Over the period of time,
For that is how the
Universe works.

But like those gone days
Of our pious Childhood,
Your name too is a part of
My mind…

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Getting Off The Track



A few days later, I had a meeting with the course tutor and received a roasting for producing a sub-standard essay. She was right, of course, because my essay was rubbish. She ordered me to read the set texts again and produce better work. I took it on the chin, left the room, went slowly down the stairwell surrounded by wooden panelling and onto the pathway outside. It was a breezy November morning as I walked, the imposing History building to my right and walled gardens to the left. A few students mingled around the benches. Others sat on a low wall.

Despite the swirl of red and purple leaves, everything looked grey on that late autumnal day. I thought about the awful feedback on my first essay and the monotony of the course. I couldn’t seem to think in the way that was required. It made me feel really…

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