2016: My Year in Review

Alexis Chateau

I agree with the vast majority of people this year: 2016 was a never-ending nightmare.

It was especially bad in comparison to my 2015. Most of that year went by in a blissful blur of new places and new faces. Along the way, I discovered a side of myself that was not as cautious and terrified of instability as I had always thought. And I longed to hold on to that.

Big Expectations

With such a legendary year, I expected even better things of 2016. The year took off with a great start, but as I transitioned from a nomadic life to a family setting, the reigns tightened and choked the life out of me.

Instead of crashing on couches a country or ten states away from home, I was sitting on my own couch, bored to death, waiting for anything interesting to happen. I exchanged trekking in foreign…

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