The longest pause.

My valiant soul

Image result for state of mind artSo meek I feel,like the frozen moment in which my words remain intact within me.The rupturing of new-born thoughts in my mind make my soul a heavy place perhaps,a tedious heart.The overflowing ramblings are pure,new,fragile like the fresh waters of the sea in the morning.I feel like scratching my thoughts deep in my mind,to straighten them up,in a queue.

What so befuddled happened right now,shall remain with me all sturdy.The pause between my actions and my words is the longest,like the hiatus gap between the earth and the sun.Some pondering to do,some beliefs to experiment,am I ready for this huge change?New ways to discover,new paths to create,no more halts shall occur.

The whole bunch of words in my mind are speaking, clamouring the loudest of illusions.The fear inside me is like the giant parasite indeed,more subtle,glorious ways shall happen if I defeat the undefeated.Time to open up the box has…

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