Spontaneous Manifestation

Minal Dalal

Spontaneous Manifestation:

Are we finding the need of Becoming More? The need to be More at every single sleeping and waking moment of our life? And all Manifestations that can happen spontaneous and effortless? Aren’t all our thoughts, emotions, intelligence, skills, physical acts, deeds and energy flows in just one direction, to be More? To be Spontaneous and Effortless?

This More is Infinite, Eternal, Effortless, Unbound, Abundant and Blissful Being. Although this More is residing  within us, yet where do we find ourselves in our reality? Struggling, stressed, limited, small, restricted, fearful and insecure.

Being Humans, we are Supermost living forms in the entire Universe bestowed with highest Potential, Opportunities, Mind Tools, Intelligence, Intuitive and Emotional powers and Creativity to reach for all that we wish for, aspire or dream for. And how do we find ourselves actually living? Dragging life on every single moment living just for making our…

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