Lainie Sue

It's All In Perception

Lainie Sue’s a regular at Davy Dean’s Bar

When she goes she takes a cab.. not her very own car

Last week a guy named Stanley broke up with lovely Lainie

But she misses him not because he wasn’t all that brainy

For a new guy Lainie’s wishing super hard upon a star

Across the bar she sees a handsome man named Arlo

Who just a month ago, broke up with a lady, Marlo

Arlo always wears a bright orange shirt

Lainie always wears a cool chartreuse skirt

But between the two is a younger woman, and her name is Ginny Farlow

But Lainie Sue really wants a brand new man

She has no hope of winning back Stan

So Lainie will use all her feminine wiles

She’ll try her hair in all ways and styles

But it’s too bad she doesn’t have a better tan

The man who wants…

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