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Last week found me baking a batch of Toll House Cookies for my grandchildren.  The iconic chocolate chip cookie is probably one of the most loved cookies in the United States.  I decided to find out the story behind the cookie and found Ruth Wakefield.

Ruth Wakefield bought an old Toll House in Whitman, Massachusetts and converted it into a restaurant.  In 1930 Ruth was baking a batch of chocolate-butter drop cookies which was a popular dessert at that time.  In order to save time Ruth added chunks of chocolate to the recipe instead of melting the chocolate on the stove top.  A simple mistake led to the iconic cookie.

Ruth Wakefield
Chocolate Chip Cookie Inventor

Chocolate chip cookies are a favorite treat for people of all ages, but without the famous woman inventor Ruth Wakefield, the world might never have tasted those sweet delights. Born in 1905, Wakefield…

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