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Last week found me baking a batch of Toll House Cookies for my grandchildren.  The iconic chocolate chip cookie is probably one of the most loved cookies in the United States.  I decided to find out the story behind the cookie and found Ruth Wakefield.

Ruth Wakefield bought an old Toll House in Whitman, Massachusetts and converted it into a restaurant.  In 1930 Ruth was baking a batch of chocolate-butter drop cookies which was a popular dessert at that time.  In order to save time Ruth added chunks of chocolate to the recipe instead of melting the chocolate on the stove top.  A simple mistake led to the iconic cookie.

Ruth Wakefield
Chocolate Chip Cookie Inventor

Chocolate chip cookies are a favorite treat for people of all ages, but without the famous woman inventor Ruth Wakefield, the world might never have tasted those sweet delights. Born in 1905, Wakefield…

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zscan0005Courtesy Harris Family

The week before the announced March 1991 grand opening of the new Harris Crab House and Seafood Restaurant at Kent Narrows in Grasonville, Maryland, the Harris family decided to just put a small sign out front and quietly open for an understated test run.

“And,” Karen Harris Oertel told me in a recent interview, “we opened to a crowd you wouldn’t believe. I thought I’d have a heart attack. We had a wait and hadn’t even opened yet. With all of us there, I think things went as smooth as they could, but we spent that following week preparing for lots of business.”

“When we wanted to tear down Kent Seafood (where her grandfather Holton Harris’ seafood packing house was) and build that new restaurant, our dad did not think it was a good idea,” Karen said. “He did not agree. A year later he had a…

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Kroo Sports: Win free tickets

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My Diary: Finding Comfort in An Interstellar Cloud

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

I woke up in a diving bell with June fast asleep in a scallop shell.‭ ‬She then dressed in a racing car and went slowly to town.‭ ‬I waved goodbye using the gantry from a Gemini rocket launcher and then burrowed upstairs to write my name on what seemed like a continuous strand of white card that was rapidly moving in front of my multiple eyes.‭ ‬June came home as a steam train in the age of diesels and we examined the contents of her bag as if trying to ascertain the cause of death‭ ‬-‭ ‬I suspected foul play but she assured me it was natural causes.‭ ‬After a short spell of throwing bits of our lunch between us I returned to my upstairs writing and she to her downstairs thoughts‭ ‬-‭ ‬these were interrupted briefly however when the dog got up and changed the television channel.

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