By the Mighty Mumford

Although I’m fifty-ish,

A man is what they don’t wish…

Just women folk

Not a “pig in a poke”,

‘Cause I’ll weite whatever I wish!

Not that I mean to be tricky,

I’m actually nearer sixty…

Alas I am

An older man,

Who despitr his age asks no pity!

–Jonathan Caswell

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Something About Tumblr

The Tony Burgess Blog

​A friend of mine deleted her Tumblr blog after being harassed by some who had issues with the fandom they feel passionate about. I thought Tumblr was a cool and safe place for everyone. It seems it isn’t. I’m sorry she did that but it seems Tumblr has a way to go to become that place of open mindedness and true freedom of expression. Fandoms are highly personal things so when one is attacked because of uninformed people saying ignorant things then perhaps it’s time to run along. I’m glad to be on WordPress.

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