Does size define the person you are..??

The Sporadic Scribbler

Weight,height,appearance and gazzilions of topics causing insecurities..Well,let me tell you something,going through all that bullying because of your appearance is not an easy stuff..I’ve grown up facing shit loads of bullying..They called me “skinny”,”malnutritioned”and what not..I never let that affect me..I’m still called names for being skinny,and I still don’t bother..If I don’t bother then why this post..? Well,I’ve an answer..I’ve many friends in my circle who face issues of body shaming,this issue isn’t just constrained to peer groups,there are people out therewho struggle with same snag in different scenarios..Is being a “size zero” or “an hourglass figure” so important..? Its important to know that people who are bullied,go through a lot that’sbeyondyour understanding..Judging doesn’t get you anywhere..I’ve seen people regret for being the way they are..But why..? Why do you letyourself sink in pool of guilt for no fault of yours..? Why regret being an amazing individual..? If…

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