Don’t Let Your Dream Home Become A Nightmare


Did you fall in love with your new home the moment you pulled up in the driveway? If you’ve bought a new house, and you’re convinced that it’s perfect, the last thing you want is for a dream to become a nightmare. If you’re hoping to create a relaxing retreat where you can chill out and enjoy quality time together, here are some tips to help you steer clear of new home nightmares:

Address Problems As A Priority: If you’ve had a survey done, and it’s flagged up issues, it’s vital to get these problems seen to as a priority. The longer you leave them, the worse they’ll become, and the more you’ll need to spend. If you’ve got loose tiles on the roof, for example, call a few roofing firms, and get some quotes. If you have lots of jobs to do, make a list in order of importance…

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Sprouting Feathers

Cynthia Reyes

I’m known for my cooking. How I wish that were not so.

I burn things, forget half the ingredients, forget what I added then put them in again. It’s right there in my books, on my blog, and in the memories of everyone who knows me.

And now nobody trusts my cooking.

Take Marilyn.

“Do come for lunch”, I say.

“Oh, great,” she says.  “You choose the restaurant.”

What’s the point in visiting a person at home if you’re going to go out for lunch? But I was so glad to see Marilyn, I didn’t fight.

Then there’s Elaine.

“You make the tea,” she said. “But I’ve read your book. So I’ll bring something for us to eat.”

Then Jane took sick.

“I could make you a roast chicken”, I phoned Jane and said, not revealing the thing was already roasting in the oven. 

But Jane declined immediately. “I…

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NOW what would you do with…24 Hours in Toronto?


NOW What would you do with 24hours in Toronto: 3rd December 2016

Being asked “how I would spend 24 hours in my favourite city” was an easy question – Tick Tock…Toronto in 24 hours the countdown has begun…


Catch the ferry to Toronto Billy Bishop Airport and just the location in itself is a hidden gem, as the views looking back at the city skyscraper backdrop are incredible. Things got a bit cheesy posing for photos at the side of our own private helicopter, but what the heck this is definitely an activity worth smiling about. Strapped in position, head sets and microphones in place and no need to worry about congested city traffic, as the radio waves opened to the tune of “roger roger are we ready for take-off”. Adrenaline was pumping, as the pilot began his ascent…up up and away as we soared into the air for an…

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