How To Manipulate Your Spouse into Loving You Again! 8 Awesome Tips!

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You’ll be pleased to know that this blog post is approved by both my wife and Mr. Whiskers.   Yet, I haven’t had a chance to ask Cyndi, my imaginary stalker, if she likes it or not.

A few of my friends will ask “Hey, how come you love your wife so much?”  Well, clearly it is because she manipulates me.   She knows what motivates me into being a better person. We all know my wife is the better half of this marriage.  No one asks me “How are you doing?”  But they always ask about her and how she is doing. (Maybe they know she is going nuts because she is married to me?).

One could argue that manipulating  your spouse is wrong, however in reality, we all do it. My wife knows exactly how to steer me in the “right” direction. Usually, her direction is the right direction (unless it interferes…

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Upstairs and Behind the Curtain at the Manhattan Cricket Club

Mary in Manhattan

When Tim Harris hands you a freshly made cocktail, you drink it…and you enjoy it…and you order another. Tim is the owner of the Manhattan Cricket Club. Drinks there go through six to eight hours of creative development in order to make it to a very competitive 11-drink menu.

tim harrisI met with Tim last weekend at the Manhattan Cricket Club, where he whipped me up some cocktails and gave me a little history of the place. Check out our conversation where he’ll tell you what the MCC is all about, his philosophy on craft cocktails, and why there’s a “12th man” on the menu.

If you’re wondering what goes into the Salt & Pepper cocktail, click here for the “How to.”

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Labour’s Slide to Irrelevance Continues and Membership Stats Aren’t Helping

Soft Left Politics

The UK government is an absolute shambles. It is rife with personal divisions. It has absolutely no plan on Brexit, the Single Market, the NHS and social care. It’s divided on education policy, pensions policy, the Human Rights Act, immigration and investment.

For all her popularity, the Prime Minister and her Government is weak. The official Opposition should be storming ahead. Every poll should strike fear into the hearts of Tory MPS. Yet the Conservatives lead by double digits in every poll. Theresa May’s approval rating sits at +18, whilst Jeremy Corbyn languishes at -20 and with groups more likely to vote this divide only widens.

I can not think of a post-war government that has been more undeserving of its electoral strength and arrogance. Nor can I think of a time when a strong Labour party was more needed.

‘Not since Gordon Brown’s response to the global economic crisis…

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The Falling Thoughts

I hate myself

Yes I do hate myself

When I make you sad

I feel so bad

I try to find some lame excuses

To justify myself but..

There’s no justification

When your beautiful eyes

Become full of tears

Your soft lovely heart

Become full of fears

I don’t feel good

When I don’t give you

Any attention or love

When you ever need one

Please, forgive me

For those moments

When I was bad

When I was wrong

But all I know is that

Being part of your life

I feel proud of myself

Because being loved by you

I love myself


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