Guest Post: HR in 2017: What to Expect?


HR has been constantly evolving since it entered the business landscape in the beginning of the 20th century. In the beginning of its corporate journey, HR departments were only focused on recruiting and selection. As time went by, departments adopted many new roles including training, discipline, health and safety, wage policies, etc. HR is still changing and every year HR departments need to cope with the new challenges and tasks. In this article, we tried to summarize previous HR changes and predict how work in this field will look like in 2017.

Employee and Candidate Experience Improvement

Due to the large freelance market growth, corporate workplaces will continue to offer more leverage to regular employees. In 2015, a lot of corporate employees were on the brink of starting their own company or becoming freelancers. In order to keep their best talents loyal, employers will need to improve their…

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Stamp Your Personality On Your Home With These Quick Fixes


Homeowners are keen to turn a new house into their family home pretty much as soon as they move in. Even though they can be excited to start redesigning a new property, life can often get in the way and ends up slowing down this whole makeover. But don’t worry if you start to lose time to fix up your new house – there is plenty that you can do to stamp your own personality into a house no matter how long you have been living in it! Here are some super easy and quick fixes that can help you personalize your own home:

Use Plenty of Color: Homes in which the predominant colors are whites and creams are often regarded as quite austere and sterile. That is certainly not what you want to aim for if you want a home that pops with your personality! So be sure to…

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RAF Bovingdon – The Hour that Never Was!

Aviation Trails

During the 1960s, a cult TV series hit the British Screens – ‘The Avengers’ starring  Patrick Macnee (as John Steed), and Diana Rigg (as Emma Peel).

In episode 9 of the fourth series, “The Hour That Never Was” the two characters go to an old airbase, the fictitious RAF Hamelin home to (also fictitious) 472 Squadron, where Steed had been invited to a party before the base was officially closed.

But following an accident in their car, Steed and Mrs. Peel, find things are not what they seem and so begins the investigation into what has happened.

The episode was filmed on location at the former RAF Bovingdon between the 5th July and 20th July 1965 before the site was officially closed in 1972.

The film designer used Bovingdon to cleverly achieve the illusion of abandonment, an aim successfully done through filming in the old original wartime buildings. They even manage…

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Burn The Maps

Kevin Brown Poetry

The uncharted path,

Upon which we met,

Was off the beaten track,

A road neither you or I -

Believed we would find ourselves on.

Through unknown terrain,

Two lost souls, wandered,

Aimlessly to some unexplored,

Waypoint, where paths -

And lives crossed.

Our adventure, thus far,

Has left us unscathed,

And although uncertain -

We choose to burn the maps,

Ignoring the peaks and valleys

Nothing with you is Insurmountable,

It is but a spectacular mystery,

You and I embrace.

Kevin Brown © 29.11.2016

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