Struggling to identify emotions

Dearest Someone,

When I was younger it felt easier to identify my emotions. Now it feels a lot harder to understand what I’m feeling, and even harder to figure out why I’m feeling a certain way. As I’ve grown older my default feeling tends to be ‘lost.’ I often feel lost, not physically, but mentally and emotionally. And more so I just feel tired, I guess when I’m feeling tired it may be that I’m emotionally trained, or I may just physically be tired – though it definitely feels different when I’m ’emotionally tired.’

Everyone gets tired, emotionally. I think feeling exhausted forces us to let ourselves rest and make sense of why we are feeling this way. However sometimes I find it more of a battle trying to identify why I’m not feeling great; it’s a lot easier to just sleep, to block everything out. I know it’s not a groundbreaking…

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