Soulful Sunday – In God We Trust

Real Bold Truth

As we all know, our country has been faced with dramatic and unpredicted changes recently. It’s unfortunate and distressing when considering the alarming number of crushed hearts of at least half of all Americans. An intense level of betrayal, deceit and devastation concerning the reality of our government system is felt today by hundreds of thousands of people.

Have our voices been silenced? Do we have a say? Have our concerns been diminished to trivial values amongst those who have never had to be concerned about economic provision, healthcare, workforce security and other means of survivor essentials? These and many more are the questions of the middle class and a percentage of others who feel disrespected by recent outcomes.

In spite of it all; our perceptions, feelings and personal predictions, we really have no other choice but to make plans to move forward. There is no benefit of remaining stuck…

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